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You Can't Cancel Quidditch

Below is an excerpt from You Can’t Cancel Quidditch: An Investigation through the Lens of Modernity, a research paper I wrote in October 2011 for a class on Sports Sociology, commenting on the evolution of Quidditch as a modernized sport.

What was once a sport that was thought to only reside within the pages of a fantasy series has managed to manifest itself into the physical world. Through charisma, J.K. Rowling was able to inspire a group of college kids to organize a nationwide sports phenomenon. As investigated, Quidditch clearly displays the seven characteristics of modern sports outlined by Guttman, albeit some are more developed than others. With the passage of time, however, advances in specialization, quantification and record-keeping are inevitable. More consistent play will result in invention, experimentation and analysis. Athletes will be bound to try different styles of play to find what is most effective. Spectators and analysts will be drawn by this, formulating explanations and mechanisms in which certain feats specific to Quidditch can be measured. Record-keeping works in conjunction with time as outstanding athletes, signature styles and accomplishments merge. As the sport evolves and these aspects modernize, it would not be a surprising proposition to witness a varsity Quidditch team play in a college stadium such as The Big House someday.